If there's one question we can ask ourselves, it's “what do women want?". In fact, that's the question they shouldn't be asked, although the answers vary from woman to woman, the one that comes up most often is that they like confident men. You must be telling yourself that I am going off the rails and that the subject is rather the maintenance of the beard and not an existential question. However, to think about it more closely, it is not such a distant subject.

Let's take an example, imagine a guy who has a beard that grows fallow trying to ask a girl out. Her response will be a simple “no thank you”. if she is polite or an unpleasant answer if she is annoyed by his approach.

Even if all goes well with his approach, she will still be more pleasant with a guy who has a well-groomed, neatly styled beard over one who doesn’t look as great. His appearance will reassure her, and perhaps, command her attention.
Do you now see the connection with the maintenance of the beard? I think so. 

Let’s get right into the focus of this article: Beard maintenance, and how to do it right.

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • The importance of beard maintenance
  • What you need to nourish and care for your beard
  • What you need to work on the shape of your beard
  • Beard maintenance 1: the importance of combing or brushing
  • Beard maintenance 2: wash your beard
  • Beard maintenance 3: hydration
  • And the importance of beard maintenance

There’s no point hiding your face. Real men generally attach some great importance to taking care of their looks. From the choice of clothes and accessories that match the occasion, to our choice of wristwatch, perfume, and our hair, just to mention a few. We maximize our potential for seduction. In short nothing abnormal you will tell me, but why would it not be the same with the beard? If a groomed look gives you confidence, so does a beard.

Your beard is the masculine attribute par excellence, the ultimate accessory to your look, you have to take care of it so that it enhances you. You don't want to have the looks of a “filthy old man.” Do you? Certainly not. I suppose. So let’s find out what daily beard care and proper maintenance consists of!

Note this: a thorough beard maintenance routine consists of the following ritual: washing, combing, moisturizing, and trimming. 

The maintenance of your beard has to be addressed deliberately and on a regular basis. Without rigorous maintenance, your beard will give you a neglected appearance. Not to mention the fact that a beautiful beard is well-deserved! 

 To nourish and care for your beard, you will require the following:

  • A beard oil
  • A beard brush and/or a horn comb
  • A beard shampoo

To work on the shape of your beard, get:

  • A beard trimmer
  • A safety razor and/or a shavette
  • A badger

Good traditional shaving care: shaving cream or soap, aftershave or moisturizer.

For the purpose of this article, we will stay on course, and focus solely on beard maintenance and how to do it correctly!

Beard maintenance #1: the importance of combing or brushing

Not to pretend, as innocuous as this gesture will seem, it is necessary and can even become addictive, after some time. Combing or brushing your beard will of course help to keep your beard tidy. You probably would have noticed that shorter beards stay in place better than when they are longer. The first use of brushing is to keep your beards tidy, but there’s more! The benefits of brushing are numerous. It also helps to enhance blood stimulation, which in turn stimulates hair growth.

In addition, brushing, perhaps one of the first gestures that we perform during the day. The choice of your accessories will have to be very meticulous. You can opt for a wooden beard comb or any of the popular options available in the market. Just be sure to avoid plastic combs completely! They are conductors of electricity. Therefore, if you choose this type of comb, expect to receive a chestnut every time! Personally, I would advise you to have several accessories: a brush with hard bristles, a horn comb, and possibly a small brush with soft bristles. And never comb/brush a wet beard.

Beard Maintenance #2: Wash your Beard

Gently wash and clean your beard on a regular basis. There are great and affordable treatments on the market for washing your beard. Whatever your choice of  beard shampoo, avoid using hair shampoo. This is particularly because the epidermis of the face is more fragile than that of the scalp. So, it is important that you apply adequate care. 

As regards to the frequency of shampooing, it is advisable to wash your beard 2 to 3 times a week. Just like for the hair, it's not particularly advisable to shampoo it every day. But I want to tell you “do as you feel or if the need arises”. 

However, if you practice a sports activity daily, then a regular shampooing routine is strongly recommended. Beard shampooing has many significant benefits for your beards. This is beside the fact that it refreshes the epidermis, as well as moisturizes, and softens the hair. As you would have understood, this treatment is essential.

For daily face cleansing, you will have to juggle between your usual face cleanser and your shampoo. One of the mistakes not to make is to focus only on your beard and neglect the rest of the face. Some handmade soaps can clean both your face and your beard.

Beard Maintenance #3: Hydration

That's it, we get to the heart of the matter by addressing the most important point: hydration. You must use beard oil. It is what will deeply nourish the hair from the bulb to the tip. It will also enable the proper grooming of the hair. 

While it is noteworthy that there are several brands of beard oils on the market. You are not likely to go wrong with the Bellé Crux brand of Hydrating Beard Oil; composed of best quality organic oils and essential oils. To be applied daily, once or twice a day (morning and evening for example). just take a few drops (to be adapted according to the length of your beard), rub them between your palms, then apply all over your beard. 

What Quantity Of Beard Oil Is Required For Your Beard And How To Do It Correctly

A lot of people don't know how to determine the quantity required for their beards. Oftentimes, they put in either little or too much. A poorly hydrated beard will look dull and coarse, while a beard that has received too much oil will look shiny, heavy, and almost grimy. And that's not the desired effect.

To determine whether or not you have applied the right amount is pretty simple: if after application your hands are dry, it means that you have dosed correctly, on the contrary, if there is still oil on your hands, it means that you have had a heavy hand. 

Also note that you should never apply your beard oil to a wet beard. After shower, you must carefully dry your beard by patting. Once dry, you can then apply the oil and give yourself a little brush stroke to finalize everything.

That's all for today! In the next article you will learn more tips about how to constantly look your best with your beard on, without the burdens that are often associated with it.

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