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Moisturizing your beard is the basis of beard maintenance. Neglecting this aspect will jeopardize your beard aesthetics as well as the health of the hair and the skin that is under your fleece. The life of the beard depends on several factors including hydration. 

Let's discover the three essential points of beard hydration.

Beard hydration: Knowing the right things to do!

Properly moisturizing your beard and your skin (don't forget one doesn't go without the other) is of paramount importance.

Good hydration allows you to develop a beautiful beard. Neglecting this aspect will have consequences on:

  • The aesthetics of your beard
  • Hair will appear dull, dry, and brittle
  • It will dry out the skin
  • This will create irritation, and redness and promote the appearance of beard dandruff.

We are going to reveal three factors that will allow you to better understand the hydration of the beard.

Do note: 

The quality of the water you wash with is of paramount importance.

Water is at the center of all debates. We're going to talk about the one you most likely wash with on a regular basis: your tap.

The quality of the water is determined by several criteria such as the hardness which takes into account the rate of limestone it contains.

Wondering what the relationship between beard hydration and water quality is?

Well, this is simple. The harder your water is, the worse it will be. This will cause problems for dry skin which will suffer more from redness and tightness.

And, of course, this will also impact negatively on the health of your beard. Hard water will dry out your fleece and scalp.

In addition, the hardness of the water will impact the effectiveness of the care you use... The most obvious example is that of shaving soap. Water that is too rich in limestone will prevent your soap from lathering properly. This is also true for shampoos/shaving soaps.

How to make your (hard) water better (softer)

First, you need to determine the hardness of the water. To do this, you must use strips that will measure the hardness of the water .

If the test reveals that your water contains too much limestone, you can install water softeners that will reduce its rate.

This will make your water of better quality. Which will be beneficial for your fleece and your skin.

Lastly, Washing with water that is too hard and at too high a temperature will be harmful to your fleece and the skin. Therefore, washing with warm water will considerably limit any possible damage to your beards.

The hydration level of your beard depends on the water you ingest!

Food and nutrition have an impact on the health of your skin and hair. Water is the only ingredient that keeps them hydrated.

There is plenty of water in some fruits. But, it is very important to drink enough water.

The human body needs one and a half liters of water per day. Therefore, it is highly recommended to drink this amount of water on a daily basis.

No need to remind you that water is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies.

As you will have understood, having beautiful skin and a beautiful beard depends in particular on the level of hydration in your body.

There are a few signs that allow you to recognize skin that is suffering from dehydration: a dull complexion, for example.

Tips for drinking enough water

Many people find it difficult to drink enough water. To help you, you can bring a thermos containing the amount of water you need to ingest.

Drinking tea or healthy beverages can also help you drink more water.

Beware of misconceptions

Be vigilant: being attentive to the hydration of the beard does not mean drinking in excessive quantities.

Even though it is advisable to drink a little more water during very hot days, it is strongly discouraged to drink three (3) liters of water a day.

Any exaggeration is not good, your beard will not grow faster, nor fuller and you will overload your kidneys, for no good reason.

A recent study showed that milk was more hydrating than water. Indeed, milk contains calcium and proteins as well as fats.

Therefore, it will take longer to digest than water. In addition, it contains sodium which acts like a sponge and retains water longer.

And inevitably, the milk can improve the hydration of the beard!

Beard oil provides indirect hydration

Contrary to popular belief, beard oil does not actually moisturize your beard.

The benefits of vegetable oils are well established. A good quality vegetable oil will contain complex fatty acids in quantity.

There is a whole physiological process to understand: the hydrolipidic film keeps water under the surface of the skin. This means that this film prevents water from evaporating and causing dehydration.

A deeper layer of the epidermis has an intercellular cement, which is essentially made up of fat. It also prevents water from evaporating.

A good quality vegetable oil will penetrate deeply enough to consolidate this cement and preserve the hydrolipidic film. This will have the effect of conserving water sustainably.

In short, even if a beard oil does not provide water, it allows you to keep it and maintain an optimal level of humidity for your skin and hair.

It is for this reason that we speak of indirect hydration. It would be very simplistic to say that beard oil does not moisturize the skin or the hair. This treatment really has an important role to play.

Very Important Tips

  • It is important to learn how to decipher the compositions of beard oils. Or better still, you buy a reliable brand of beard oil.
  • To know your skin type and therefore to know which vegetable oil would suit you best.
  • It is necessary at all costs to avoid comedogenic oils such as castor oil, soy, or nigella. These oils will be more effective when combined with other non-comedogenic vegetable oils (jojoba, hemp oil, or argan for example).

In conclusion

Improving the hydration of your beard will depend on how you adapt your beard grooming routine to the vital points mentioned above.

It is certain that by following these few recommendations, you will take your grooming to a higher level.

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