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Ruby, purple, cherry, Satin, matte, shiny… And the list goes on. There are a multitude of shades and textures that can enhance your mouth. But for special occasions, the most important thing is to find the lipstick that will last the longest.

And If you are someone who is already familiar with the vegan space, you may be tempted, for ethical or ecological reasons, to change your consumption habits of cosmetics -- to vegan. But what if you adopted a vegan lipstick? Does it imply a boring look or a restriction in options? Absolutely not!!

More than sticking to a specific diet, being vegan is above all a lifestyle. In addition to a vegetable diet, veganism adopts a mode of consumption that rejects the exploitation and suffering of animals. Vegan lipsticks are therefore formulated without any animal substances. They, therefore, do not contain materials of animal origin or from the exploitation of animals. (Like beeswax, lanolin, etc). Plus, they're not tested on animals. 

The best part is knowing a trusted store (such as Belle Crux) where you can always pick up the range of colors that match your looks!

Lipstick accessories are the soberest of outfits. On its own, it is enough to sublimate your face.  On the other hand, finding the ideal color and texture of red is not always an easy task. The most important thing is to succeed in fixing your red (or favorite color) for as long as possible.

There are no hidden secrets here; a well-made-up mouth is first of all a well-hydrated and smoothed mouth. Consider exfoliating once a week and applying a dab of lip balm daily. You may also apply it in thick or multiple layers, in the evening. 

Now to the best part -- the application of your favorite color of vegan lipstick.


If you want to obtain a natural result while applying the lipstick, do not enclose the mouth with a pencil line. Once your lips are well hydrated, and to prevent the lipstick from running, apply a little blurring pen on the outer edges of the lips. 

These pens perfectly fill in the lips. Another solution: opt for a tone-on-tone lip pencil that will make it perfectly invisible. 

If you prefer to highlight your lips, use a lip pencil that will allow you to draw a clear outline and prevent the lipstick from running. Choose a pencil a little lighter than your lipstick, having taken care to have it very well cut, then blend in the edges with the back of your hand. 

You may want to stretch your lip a little bit to smoothen the fine lines. Be sure to follow the contour, while paying close attention to the space between your upper lips and your nostrils. Starting from the edges, go up towards the center. 

Now that you know how to apply it, let’s move on to choosing the right color that matches your skin tone or outfit.


When it comes to tints, there are a few basic tips to know. Cool-toned reds are the perfect option for softening dark or brown eyes. Warm reds tend to bring out the light, blue or green eyes. 

To find the right shade, try testing it (applying the lipstick) without wearing makeup. If it gives you shine, it's good. If your imperfections stand out, skip them. 

Your shade of lipstick must not only match your eyes and complexion, but also your outfit and the lighting atmosphere. For instance, a beautiful bold red goes wonderfully with a black dress. It is also important to note that a real bright rosy red will give your complexion a glow if you wear beige, pink, or dusty gray.

While a dark cherry red will look great with a smoky gray garment or another mid-tone. The best is to associate it with a vaporous fabric which will play down its dark side. 

A fundamental rule with wearing very dark red lipstick is to show a lot of bare skin. Otherwise, with black close to your face, you risk wearing an unpleasantly dramatic look.

Redcurrant pink, plum red, blackcurrant red, and other cold-toned reds will wonderfully counterbalance the yellow of artificial lighting. As they bring freshness and liveliness to the face while the yellow light weighs everything down, including the lips.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that you do not opt ​​for a chestnut or sienna color on a festive evening.


There are several kinds of textures that you can try. They range from matte, and satin, to shiny, or transparent. Oftentimes, we choose the texture according to our tastes or preferences. The satin and transparent effects are the easiest to wear. The difference is no longer made on comfort, but on the effect you are looking for and the gestures you are going to adopt. 

Choose the matte finish, for a silky effect.  And a shiny finish, for a luminous result.  Depending on how many coats you apply, the effects will range from super-shiny to ultra-shiny. Important to note is that your lips/face will likely look more sophisticated if you apply several layers. However, for a more discreet or conservative effect, simply apply it lightly, then glide it on with your finger.

The more classic satin finish is neither matte nor shiny, but a bit of both at the same time. The satin finish is one that has its effect. It can be a little creamy, the most successful approach is a semi-matte. Amazingly, these subtle textures are quite popular. This is particularly so because they beautifully combine elegance with ease. On the downside, nonetheless, the satin texture tends to last a little less on the lips and will require more touch-ups. 


Complement your complexion with the fascinating shimmering, hue-rich finish that gives you a sumptuous, kissable, or simply stunning lift for all your makeup. Not to mention the effects that will make your complexion look more radiant and illuminating. Whichever your choice of vegan lipstick, you can always rest assured in the knowledge that the Belle Crux Online Store has a full range of vegan lipstick colors with a dreamy, shimmering appeal that is as majestic and eye-catching as it gets. 


If you want quality and indelible lipstick, then you should opt for the Belle Crux liquid range of vegan lipsticks. In general, this type of lipstick offers the most intense pigmentation, and thus the highest coverage. These lipsticks are truly long-lasting. They stay perfect for hours, during which you can safely eat, drink and even kiss!

Watch this space to learn more about the right lipstick or makeup product for a stunning look. Or how to apply makeup correctly without damaging your skin. Any skin type deserves to look beautiful and healthy. 

You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below. See you in the next article!

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